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Sorted Direct Mail is an established mailing house based in the West Midlands. We have over two decades of experience in providing direct mail, print and fulfilment services for businesses across the UK.

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Why choose Sorted?

At Sorted Direct Mail our goal is simple - to provide our clients with the best experience and service. This is why we offer full direct mail and print services. From campaign conception to completion, our highly experienced team of mailing experts will ensure that your campaign is fully aligned with your business objectives and is as smooth as possible.


Solving Your Direct Mail Needs

Sorted understand your business and personal needs through flexible one to one services. Sorted can deliver all the elements of personalised direct mail, creative designs, print production and enclosing & fulfilment postage.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Sorted hold all the answers to your marketing needs by using your customer data in a better way. Sorted can cleanse, mail sort and profile your customer data.

In-House Expertise

Sorted have the skills, time and equipment to deliver hundreds or thousands of mailers to your customer’s doorsteps. Personalised, always on time and hassle free. 

Our Clients


From creative and design services to printing and enclosing and fulfillment, we provide a full suite of services for your direct mail campaigns. Browse our range of services below.

Data Management

Data management plays a vital role in direct mail marketing and printing. With proper data management and cleansing, you can send highly targeted direct mail campaigns, which will help you forecast open rates and ROI.


When you implement personalisation into your direct mail marketing campaigns, it will give your campaign that professional edge, whilst improving response rates and generating more leads.


We provide both machine enclosing and hand fulfilment services for your direct mail and print campaigns. Our machine fulfilment service is great for high volume campaigns and promotions with tight deadlines.


We're an independent business (full of independent women)We don't have to answer to any one carrier. The relationships we have with our postage and mail carriers, we've built them. The postage solutions we have for every mailing, we've found them. This means you'll get impartial advice for all of your mailing wants and needs.

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