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With over 169,000 registered charities in the UK, the need to stand out from the competition, deliver your message and promote your cause to prospects, donors and customers is more important than ever before.

This is where direct marketing comes in. An essential tool for charities, direct marketing tactics such as direct mail, personalisation and print can help you not only get your message out there and stand out from the crowd, but procure donors, funds, support and more.

At Sorted, we’re the right people to help you do this. After all, we’ve got extensive experience in providing direct marketing services to charities. We’ve helped regional, national and global charities with their enclosing, wrapping, creative campaign design and more. Data cleansing and ensuring you remain GDPR compliant plays a huge role in direct marketing for charities. This helps with mailing accuracy for maximum impact, thus reducing mailing costs, without ever compromising on quality.


The value of direct mail for charities

The old age saying goes, “charity begins at home” - direct mail is a great way to get your charity’s unique message in front of potential and prospective donors, on their doorstep.

A well thought-out, planned direct mail and marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach the masses. What’s more is that you can calculate ROI and estimate your response rates, helping you determine the quantity of the mailing required.

Insight from the Royal Mail had shown that, “mail lives a rich, complex and surprisingly long life beyond the doormat, and has a profound and direct impact on the brain.”(The Private Life of Mail)

Direct marketing for charity, sorted

With so many channels available to market your charity and engage prospective and potential supporters, direct mail and marketing might not be the obvious choice for charities to gain support and enhance brand awareness.

But with the right messaging, imagery and personalisation, direct mail has the power to do more than just get your charity out there. It can provoke a wide range of emotions; from concern to shock, or excitement to outrage. This is what will help you increase your response rates and ultimately get those donations rolling in.


Our direct mail and marketing for charity services include

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