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Every retail business, whether it's online or offline, has the objective of generating sales. There are more than 300,000 retail outlets in the UK, and more and more business owners are choosing to conduct business online, the need to stand out from your competitors is critical.

Direct mail is a surefire way for retailers to attract new business and give customers a reason to return. With the right direct marketing tactics, such as personalisation, campaign production and data management, retail managers and business owners can increase footfall, online traffic and sales.

With over 20 years of experience in offering direct mail services for retail (both online and brick and mortar), we can help your business, we’ve helped regional, national and global retail and ecommerce cleanse their data and remain GDPR compliant, refine their mailing accuracy for maximum impact and have reduced their mailing costs, without ever compromising on quality.

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The value of direct mail for retail and ecommerce

Direct mail will always have a place in this ever increasing digital world. Even if your business is solely online, direct marketing is a great way for you to reach your customers who may be inundated by the constant barrage of online ads such as sponsored posts and social ads.

What’s more is that you can target potential customers by age, gender, location and previous purchasing habits, allowing a truly personalised direct mail marketing strategy.

Direct mail marketing helps you drive engagement, whilst circumventing the ever increasing competition og the online world. You can even increase website traffic, social engagement and calculate ROI.

Direct marketing for retail, Sorted

With so many channels available to market your retail or ecommerce business and engage prospective and potential customers, direct mail and marketing might not be the obvious way to generate sales and increase brand awareness.

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