Direct Mail & Print Services for the Pharmaceutical Companies

Through Direct mail and marketing, pharmaceutical companies can educate medical professionals and consumers about new research, medicines and more.

At Sorted, we’ve worked with a range of Pharmaceutical businesses and understand the strict regulations and guidelines, for both online and offline marketing. From the disclosure of clinical trials to presenting research and data in a transparent and balanced way, our experts are fully versed ensuring your communications and marketing materials are aligned with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Our print and mailing experts are flexible and can quickly circulate information to your key audiences so that you can communicate the latest products, research and developments in good time.


Targeted direct mail for pharmaceutical and healthcare

Whilst digital marketing tactics such as email will always have a place, a direct mail and print campaign for pharma can make a real impact. From nurses pinning up cards and leaflets on notice boards, to doctors storing brochures and guides on the latest research and development on medications and treatments, it is a brilliant way to get exposure and keep your brand at the forefront.

What’s more is that healthcare companies can achieve high levels of targeting, through data-driven direct marketing campaigns. This gives you the ability to target specific customers through audience segmentation, making your communication as effective as possible.

Direct marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, Sorted

With over 20 years of experience in offering direct mail services to the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve helped manage their data, remain GDPR compliant and refine their mailing accuracy for maximum impact, all whilst staying within budget, without ever compromising on quality.

Data is fundamental when it comes to direct mail for the pharmaceutical industry, which is why we ensure your data is in the safest hands possible.


Our direct mail and marketing services for pharmaceutical and healthcare

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