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10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Isn't Dead

Picture this: upon retrieving your mail, you notice something colourful among the sea of white envelopes. Intrigued, you take a closer look. Not only is there an eye-catching offer in the form of a discount, but the design is so aesthetically pleasing that you can’t help but read the message.

In the space of 5 seconds, you’ve gone from the simple task of checking your mailbox to giving a brand message your undivided attention. This is just one of the ways that direct mail marketing is so effective, and why businesses that don’t include it in their marketing strategy are missing out.

Here are 10 reasons why direct mail marketing still works so well in an increasingly digital age:

1. Direct Mail is Trackable

By including a unique landing page URL, QR code, or phone number specific to your direct mail campaign, you can track customer uptake. While it’s worth mentioning that responses might not be immediate, the tracking functionality gives you an excellent idea of what creates interest among your audience.

A strong call-to-action will encourage people to engage, so be sure to tell them what to do. Whether scanning a code or visiting a certain website, make it clear what the audience should do next.

2. It Has the Potential for a High ROI

Statistically, direct mail advertising offers businesses about the same return on investment as a social media campaign. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The online space is oversaturated with brand messages, whereas direct mail is refreshingly less cluttered

  • Direct mail has a long shelf life, as people often retain something that may be of value in the future

  • Direct mail is almost always opened, as opposed to an email that can simply be deleted or a social media post that can be scrolled past

  • Discounts, promotions and other promotional material can easily be incorporated into a direct mail campaign

3. Direct Mail Allows for Targeted Advertising

Given how granular targeted advertising can be online, you’d be forgiven for thinking that direct mail falls short in this area. But in fact, the opposite is true.

With a strong database and excellent management thereof, you can ensure that a tailored message lands with your core audience. Even partially addressed mail (mail that does not include any direct names) can be used to focus on specific areas where you know there is a prevalence of your target market.

4. It Partners a Digital Marketing Campaign

An omnichannel campaign only benefits from the inclusion of direct mail. Most customers require multiple touch points before they convert, and while digital, radio and television have excellent reach, advertising on these mediums does run the risk of being ‘out of sight, out of mind’ given the frequency of online ads.

Direct mail, on the other hand, is its own reminder. Because of its long shelf life, it acts as an eye-catching reminder around the house (whether it’s on the fridge, a dressing table, or next to the keys in the entrance of the home).

5. Direct Mail Gets Noticed

Unless the design is boring to the point of uninspiring, direct mail is a very noticeable form of advertising. Through bold colours, a strong message, or even the inclusion of a physical promotional item, direct mail marketing naturally plays to the curiosity of people.

This, combined with the feeling of being hand-selected to receive the advert (after all, someone went out of their way to physically deliver this) makes it a genuinely interesting item to your audience, before they’ve even read the message.

6. It’s Tangible

The physical element of direct mail cannot be understated. Potential customers can interact with your advert in a way that digital marketing simply can’t replicate, and this gives it a memorable quality that is both unique and effective.

7. It’s Excellent for Brand Awareness

Through the use of brand colours, fonts and imagery, direct mail can create instant brand recognition. Combined with the longevity of mail in the home, direct mail marketing creates reinforced brand awareness - and when done right, brand appreciation.

8. It Rewards Creativity

A catalogue or pamphlet is only one way to leverage direct mail advertising. Brands can, and often do, go beyond this, either by including some form of promotional material, or by using stunning imagery and a high-quality print finish. The more creative the piece, the more likely to attract and convert your audience.

9. Direct Mail is Family Friendly

Where the digital landscape usually caters to users between the ages of 18 and 65, direct mail has very little age limitations. Senior discounts, or messages geared towards children or young families, can work exceptionally well. You’re able to reach an otherwise offline audience in a friendly, non-invasive way.

10. Direct Mail is Memorable

An extension of the above points, direct mail has the potential to be extremely memorable. When the right targeting, design, and message (or promotion) overlap, direct mail can feel more like a personal letter than an advert. This does the job of brand awareness, customer acquisition and conversion all in one - something a digital advert rarely achieves.

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