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How Can Housing Associations Benefit From Data-Driven Direct Mail?

Every housing association, whether its not-for-profit, public or private must be able to effectively communicate with their tenants, employees and other third party service providers with ease.

More often than not, this information is printed on a range of leaflets, postcards, brochures and more. 

And if this communication isn’t personalised (or partially personalised), then you’re missing out on higher-engagement rates, reduced costs and improved response rates. 

If you’re sending out the same communications to your tenants, service providers and colleagues, there’s a likelihood that you’re printing more material than you need, and people are receiving information that isn’t relevant to them. 

This is why you need a data driven direct mail marketing strategy for your housing association.

Property managers can no longer afford to blanket send information across the board. Now, they need to include high levels of personalisation and imagery that’s supported by strong brand messaging. 

What marketing materials can benefit from data-driven direct mail? 

Housing associations can use data management on their tenants, service providers and employees to make their communications accessible. 

For example, they can use larger fonts and avoid large chunks of underlined or italicised text for people visually impaired. 

For tenants and service providers who may find reading in English challenging, you can identify them and send them translated communications. 

Here are a few materials that can be improved with data. 


Newsletters are a really effective way  to communicate news and updates relating to your company or industry to the masses, quickly, and data can help further improve this.

 A high-quality personalised newsletter not only informs your residents of any changes, but looks really professional, and emphasises a landlord or property manager’s focus on community. 

Transactional mail

From rent reviews to statements, and service charge increases, using direct mail to manage your transactional mail is a great way to save costs, and  ensure communications are sent out in a timely manner. 

Combining newsletters with any transactional mail can help reduce production and postage costs. If residents are in arrears, you can offer advice and a call to action where they can get support. For tenants who are up-to-date with payments, you can include a thank you note. 


Many housing associations have seen success in working with businesses and cross promoting local products and services. 

For example, teaming up with furniture removal companies, job centres and community centres and offering discount codes and giveaways printed on eye-catching leaflets is a great way to build a community and generate other streams of income. 

Questionnaires and surveys 

Mail questionnaires and surveys are quite common in both public and private housing associations - but collating and managing the data once the questionnaires have been filled out can be challenging. 

However, this process can be streamlined when you team up with direct mail marketing consultants who can manage the process from start to finish. 

Get your direct mail for housing sorted, today

At Sorted Direct Mail, we have decades of experience in crafting direct mail marketing campaigns for housing associations across the UK.  

We’ve helped several housing associations manage their data and remain GDPR compliant, refine their mailing accuracy for maximum impact and have reduced their mailing costs, without ever compromising on quality. Speak to one of our experts today. 

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