How the Paper Industry's Environmental Perception Problem is Improving

When it comes to environmental-friendliness, paper and printing services don’t exactly have the best reputation.

Digital is believed to be a cleaner, greener way to advertise than direct mail. In reality, the paper industry is actually much leaner on resources than people think. We’re looking at the perception, the myths, and the reality of the environmental impact paper plays in our world. We’ve even got stats!

The Perception of the Paper Problem is Persuasive

‘Trend Tracker Survey 2023’, a sustainability-focused non-profit report from Two Sides Europe, took a look at how people across the UK and Europe see the paper industry, and from a perception point of view, things look bad. 

The results from the study show that even though paper is a needed material - beyond direct mail marketing - there are strong misconceptions about the environmental impact. 

Myth 1: European Forests are Shrinking

According to the study, only 9% of UK respondents believe that European forests are growing. But the truth is that they are, and the rate is impressive! From 2005 to 2020, European forests grew by an area bigger than Switzerland. It translates to 1,500 football fields of forest growth per day.

Myth 2: Recycling Efforts Aren’t Meaningful

The survey also showed that only 18% of respondents believe that the paper recycling rate sits higher than 60%. In reality, the paper and board recycling rate is currently sitting well in the green at 71%. 

Fifty-six million tonnes of paper was collected and recycled in 2020 and with increased efforts and awareness, the trajectory is only becoming more environmentally friendly.

Myth 3: Digital Marketing is Better for the Planet

Where direct mail marketing can get the side eye for an environmental footprint, many seem aware of the effects of digital marketing. Paper and print materials are among the lowest greenhouse gas emitters - whereas the ICT industry accounts for more than double the global greenhouse emissions than that of paper printing. 

56% of consumers don’t know digital’s dirty secret, and they believe electronic communications are more environmentally friendly than direct mail. 

What does a Sustainability Report have to do with Direct Mail Marketing?

It all has to do with what direct mail is.

Direct mail marketing involves printing and distributing marketing material to customers. Mail advertising, directly into the postbox of a consumer.

It’s a fantastic, environmentally gentle way to build brand awareness, boost business sales, and talk to customers without the distraction of other notifications vying for their attention.

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