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How to Create an Eye-Catching Envelope That Has to be Opened

When done correctly, even an unexpected mail drop can stand out amongst the usual letterbox debris.

Think about the last time you received a package - an online order, for example. Even though you knew exactly what was inside, the opening of the box and reveal of the item itself was still exciting and enjoyable. Sort of like a kid on Christmas, except instead of Santa this was brought to you by your own hard-earned quid.

That feeling of excitement isn’t just limited to online orders. When done correctly, even an unexpected mail drop can stand out amongst the usual letterbox debris. Here’s how to create an envelope that simply has to be opened.

Play to your brand colours (or any colours at all)

Not all envelopes are white or brown. Just the vast majority. Which is what makes an envelope that isn’t one of those two colours immediately noticeable and intriguing. If you’re a business with significant market share, brand colours provide instant recognition. But if you have a little bit of flexibility, don’t be afraid of committing to a bright or multi-coloured envelope. The colour is only there to get noticed - which it will.

Consider an unconventional envelope

Similarly, not all envelopes are, well, envelope-shaped. By breaking away from a standard envelope and instead opting for something out of the ordinary, consumers are guaranteed to take notice. Although these may cost a little more than their generic counterparts, square, oversized or die-cut envelopes are excellent ways to entice opens.

Add a visual teaser to your envelope

Your main message might be contained within the envelope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the envelope itself for advertising space too. Including a visual teaser, like the promise of a coupon or a subscription incentive, gets your key headline across without the consumer needing to open the envelope. With the right teaser consumers will want to see more, meaning this approach both encourages opens and manages expectations.

Give your envelope a sense of urgency

Time-sensitive marketing content is not a new concept, and it is more effective in direct mail than you may think. A strong sense of urgency (and an equally strong call-to-action) is a good motivator, so an envelope emblazoned with “URGENT MAIL” or “HURRY!” usually achieves the desired response. It’s worth noting that this still needs to work hand-in-hand with a good design, as without this the impact will be lessened. That’s where we come in.

Make it personal

When it comes to envelopes, nothing is more eye-catching than someone’s name. Personalised mail and partially addressed mail removes the feel of mass marketing and tactfully aligns the consumer with your brand. Designed to cut through the noise and garner the best possible results, personalised mail is well worth the investment.

Alternatively, you can lean into the opposite approach and send consumers a blind envelope. With very little information (even your logo is optional), blind envelopes drive opens by building mystery and intrigue. Note that the quality of the envelope becomes a key factor when using this tactic.

Enclosing a gift: instant success

Admittedly this is not the most budget-friendly option. Enclosing a gift not only requires the gift itself, but the appropriate envelope to house it. However, the trade-off is significant: the distinctly non-paperlike bump is immediately noticeable and a consumer will rarely pass up a freebie. This method is mostly used by high-end brands where promotional material costs are offset by sales.

Make sure the payoff is worth it

If a consumer has gone to the effort of opening your envelope, make sure you give them an excellent reason to have done so. This is your moment to wow them, so do everything to ensure your direct mail material hits hard. Make it visually appealing, easily digestible, and use a clear CTA to give the consumer actionable next steps.

Deliver to the relevant recipients

A good message is only effective when presented to the right audience. Use existing data to identify both customers and potential lookalike audiences. At Sorted, we use your data to ensure any direct mail is sent to the exact consumers you’re looking to convert.

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