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The Role of Direct Mail in Multichannel Marketing

Casting the budget books aside for a second, multichannel marketing is - when done correctly - the most effective way to generate and convert leads. By making use of online and offline marketing touchpoints, brands can advertise to their audience in a cohesive and seamless way.

Because of the abundance of digital advertising done during lockdown, direct mail and its tangibility provides a great opportunity for brands to surprise and excite their audience. With versatility, reach, and the possibility of personalisation, direct mail is a key component of all good multichannel marketing campaigns.

Does Direct Mail Even Work?

Absolutely! Provided the target audience has been carefully selected against the campaign material, direct mail can provide excellent response rates and a healthy ROI. It acts as the perfect accompaniment to a multichannel (or even predominantly digital) campaign, allowing brands to remain top-of-mind even when their audience is digitally disconnected.

Direct Mail Has a Long Shelf Life

Where many online adverts capture and promote real time events (such as a push notification reminding a shopper of an abandoned cart), direct mail offers the chance to let your campaign message take root. Direct mail remains in households for longer than most entire digital purchases take, making it the perfect platform to promote any longer-term offers or messaging.

It Ties in With Digital Marketing Perfectly

The beauty of direct mail in a multichannel campaign is that it never competes with any other element, such as digital, radio or TV adverts. In fact, it only serves to enhance these, allowing your audience to recall your online adverts by virtue of noticing your direct mail. In most cases, this type of reinforcement requires constant messaging but because direct mail is kept in-house, it acts as its own repetition.

It is an Excellent Brand Communication Tool

For brands that have only communicated to their audience online, direct mail serves as a tremendous opportunity to break the mould and really catch their attention. When done well, this also acts as an enhancement to any online marketing material - though direct mail messaging should be given unique consideration because of its extended longevity when compared to digital.

Where Does Direct Mail Marketing Fit In?

Another great consideration for direct mail: you can use it at virtually any stage of your funnel, as highlighted below:

Top of the Funnel: For Sales and Lead Generation

A common goal for direct mail marketing is to create market share and reach new audiences. By including a CTA, new customers can engage with your brand and supply their personal details - and even if this doesn’t happen (because let’s face it, it won’t every time), people are likely to have better awareness of your brand as a direct result.

Middle of the Funnel: For Brand Awareness

Especially when personalisation is possible, direct mail can drive phenomenal brand awareness. New or first-time customers are made to feel important and valued, and any campaign messaging has a high chance of resonating - provided it’s not too sales-heavy, of course. 

Bottom of the Funnel: To Drive Purchase Behaviour

With customers that have made repeat or regular purchases, direct mail can be used to incentivise purchases by including a discount code. When combined with an effective personal message, this can be a significant driver of site visits and sales.

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