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What to Look for in a Direct Mail Marketing Company

Using direct mail marketing can be an effective tool for any business.

When done right, you can increase brand awareness, reach new customers and measure your ROI. If you’re looking for the ideal direct mail partner for you, consider these important characteristics:

A proven track record

The best direct mail companies will have a history of success that speaks for itself. Research the companies you’re interested in. Customer testimonials and reviews are especially important, as these give you an honest picture of the level of service the company offers.

With over 20 years of experience, Sorted Direct Mail has helped countless companies in a range of different sectors achieve success with their direct mail campaigns (and we have the case studies to prove it!).

A variety of mail options

Flyers are one type of direct mail, but they’re not the only type. To really create impact with your direct mail campaign, you’ll want a company that can create and deliver a range of different mail options like one piece personalised mailers or naked brochures and magazines. 

Full service offering

Like Sorted, the very best direct mail companies will offer a service that covers every aspect of your direct mail campaign. This mitigates the need to work with numerous different subcontractors (like printers and envelope suppliers) and enables you to link your entire campaign to one cost price.

Our extensive service offering is one of the cornerstones of Sorted. From conception to completion, we provide a full range of direct mail services to support you with your campaign.


The ability to handle large volumes is important. The success of your campaign may hinge on how effectively a company can execute all necessary elements. When direct mail companies work with numerous businesses from different sectors, it is a good indication that they have significant capacity for bigger campaigns.


It’s not surprising that cost can make or break a campaign. Budgets are almost always limited, and showing a good ROI can often be the defining metric of campaign success. Find the direct mail marketing company that works for you by looking at both their pricing options and their reporting capabilities - you’ll want to be able to measure your ROI and any other key investment metrics.

Design and creative capabilities

You will have a vision for your campaign, but the direct mail marketing company will bring it to life. Take a look at their previous work. Are their designs varied and tailored to the campaign? Can they design across a range of direct mail types? Does their creative do a good job of selling what the campaign is offering? This is the look and feel of your campaign, so you’ll want it to be as good as possible.

Data management

Data management plays a bigger role in direct mail marketing than you may first think. With proper data management, you can define and refine your target audience and send highly targeted direct mail campaigns.


Direct mail marketing companies that offer personalisation can vastly improve the effectiveness of a campaign. The reason is obvious: people like to feel special, and mail addressed specifically to them does exactly that.

Implementing personalisation into your campaigns also gives them that professional edge, and is a proven tactic in improving response rates and generating leads.

Customer support

Ideally you want to find a direct mail marketing company that is as invested in you as you are in them. Reliable customer service shows the care they have for their customers and makes interaction a pleasure. Companies with excellent customer support will even look to optimise your expenses and ensure you’re attracting the right target audiences.

Ace your next direct mail campaign with Sorted

At Sorted Direct Mail, we offer bespoke direct mail services for businesses across a wide range of industries, including housing, charity, automotive and more.

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