Helping West Midlands Safari Park Achieve Roar-some Results Through Direct Mail Marketing.

When West Midlands Safari Park approached Sorted Direct Mail, they wanted a direct mail marketing campaign that would increase online bookings.

The story

West Midlands Safari Park (WMSP) is tucked away in the heart of Bewdley, Worcestershire. A verdant, halcyon park with over 165 exotic species of animals and 150 acres of land to roam freely, WMSP is an international destination that’s been attracting scores of visitors since 1973.

What sets West Midlands Safari Park apart from other attractions is its commitment to the research and conservation of biodiversity and endangered species. One such way to generate revenue in order to continue this research and development is through ticket sales, projects, events and campaigns.

The Goal

The goal

When West Midlands Safari Park approached Sorted Direct Mail, our main goal was to drive traffic and ultimately drive booking through their website.

They also needed support for their Discover The Pride campaign, with the aim of getting people to book online to see their new lion cubs.

Our solution

In order to get the best results possible, we worked with WMSP from conception to completion, and launched several different targeted mail marketing campaigns, with the goal of increasing website visits and bookings.

Our services included:


The brains behind the business

Getting the foundations right is vital to the success of any personalised direct mail campaign, which is why we kick-started the process by cleansing WMSP’s existing customer database.

Through deduplication and database cleansing, we removed and redirected any irrelevant profiles in order to ensure we were targeting the right customers. We then segmented their database for each individual campaign in order to improve success rates.

The design and language of any leaflet, brochure, guide or envelope plays a critical role in persuading prospective customers to open your mailing and getting them to convert. This is why our creative experts took a consultative approach and worked with WMSP. We provided several samples of marketing materials and worked in tandem with WMSP’s design team to create showstopping mailers for each campaign, that would garner the best results.

We also worked with WMSP to craft a spectacular pop-up leaflet for their Discover The Pride campaign that featured three lion cubs ‘jumping’ out of the middle of the leaflet. This was sent to previous West Midlands Safari visitors with the aim of getting them to book online to see the new cubs.

We also produced a 12-page group brochure and machine enclosed this in colourful, personalised envelopes, that was then sent to a targeted list of group coordinators.

For WMSP’s Santa Safari campaign, we took a different approach. Targeting their existing database of teachers, we printed and sent personalised envelopes, cards, and sachets of coffee and tea bags during the first week of school.

As the tea and coffee were glued on, the card used had to be gloss laminated so that it wouldn’t tear when they were pulled off. When teachers removed the teabag, a picture of Father Christmas was revealed. These laminated gloss cards were hand inserted into high quality, personalised envelopes.

Each mailer had an eye-catching call to action that instructed potential customers to book online via a unique code - some of which offered online discounts. This meant WMSP could effectively report on the success of each campaign and fully understand ROI.

The results

In order to fully realise the success of each campaign we created, we needed to make sure every piece of direct mail we sent out was trackable, giving us and WMSP a clear understanding of ROI.

Our personalised marketing efforts have shown just how powerful a well thought out and designed direct targeted mail marketing can be. West Midlands Safari Park needed to fast track footfall after closing its gates due to the coronavirus pandemic - what better way to do so than with vibrant, personalised and roar-some direct mail.


What the Customer Says

“We needed a flexible and experienced direct mail marketing team to help us increase bookings for our Santa Safari and promote our Discover the Pride campaigns. Sorted Direct Mail offered unique and innovative campaign ideas and were able to adapt. They offered a quick and hassle free service from start to finish, without ever compromising on quality. ”

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