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5 Direct Mail Marketing Myths Debunked

Given the rise of digital marketing, you might assume that direct mail is either ineffective, outdated, or both. To set the record straight: this couldn't be further from the truth.

At Sorted Direct Mail, we understand how successful direct mail marketing can be - we’ve seen it firsthand time and time again. When utilised correctly, direct mail can be a key component in your marketing toolkit.

In this blog, we debunk five common myths about direct mail marketing:

Myth 1: Direct Mail is Outdated in a Digital Age

Let's start with the big one: the thinking that direct mail is old-fashioned. Think again! While digital advertising has its benefits, don’t underestimate the power of a physical item.

Direct mail marketing is tangible, personal, and can cut through clutter like a knife through butter. Digital marketing rarely has the ability to make your audience feel valued in a similar way. And in a world of overstuffed inboxes and ad-blockers, direct mail often sees a higher engagement rate than its digital counterparts.

Myth 2: Email is a More Effective Marketing Channel than Direct Mail

Email can offer speed and scale that no other marketing channel can match. But marketing emails are frequently ignored, end up in Spam, or opened but not acted upon. When a consumer is reading a marketing email, that email is competing for attention against everything else in the digital space. A physical piece of marketing in the hands of the consumer often has undivided attention.

This is backed up by the stats, too. Email advertising has an average response rate of 0.12% - twelve people out of every one thousand. The response rate of direct mail is 4.4%: thirty-six times higher than email.

Myth 3: Online Ads are More Effective than Direct Mail

Online advertising comes in so many different forms, including statics, gifs, video, and web banners. But because consumers are fed so many online ads every day, it can make creating memorable content extremely difficult.

Direct mail doesn’t face the same market oversaturation. For this reason, direct mail campaigns perform very well - especially when run in tandem with a digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing should be seen less as a competition to direct mail and more as a collaboration.

Myth 4: Direct Mail is Impossible to Track

Not so. Direct mail can be tracked by using unique URLs, QR codes, or a campaign-specific phone number. By using any available customer data, companies can further increase response rates and refine their target audience.

For database management, analysis and insights, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Sorted Direct Mail! 

Myth 5: Direct Mail Doesn’t Generate ROI

Not only is direct mail marketing trackable, but it provides an excellent return on investment - 29% on average. Statistically, this outperforms the ROI of channels like paid search and online display ads. When executed well, direct mail can not only recoup the costs of the campaign but go on to generate a substantial return.

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